A Brief History of Hough End


The name Hough End comes from the words hof and ende meaning home and end respectively.  Hough End is in Chorlton, but is close to the boundary with Withington.  Withington became part of Manchester in 1904.The word clough means, according to the dictionary, a ravine, but in practice a clough is a dip in the ground.

The Ordnance Survey coordinates for the Clough are SJ8393.  The Clough is a semi natural ancient woodland split by Hough End Crescent coming off Mauldeth Road West, and leading towards Broughton Park Rugby Football Club.  The Upper Clough is nearer Princess Road, and the Lower Clough is nearer the allotments on Mauldeth Road West.

Hough End was owned by the Mosley family.  Sir Nicholas Mosley, who used to be the Mayor of London, had Hough End Hall built in 1596.  This is a grade II listed building.  It was used as a tool house and blacksmiths. Later Hough End was sold to the Egertons.  They gave it to Manchester City Council on condition that they use it for leisure.

In 1917 parts of Hough End were taken over for use as Alexandra Park Aerodrome.  Civilian aircraft were made there until 1924.

In the 1970s Broughton Park Rugby Football Club, kennels for the police dogs, stables for the police horses, and huts for the air cadets were built.  Trees were planted at the sides of Mauldeth Road West, and Princess Road.  In 1996 Chinese trees were planted on the border with Princess Road towards the border with the tram line.  This became known as Wuhan Wood.  There is a stone marker commemorating this.

In 2008, Friends of Hough End Clough was formed.  The name was changed to Friends of Hough End.

Various groups, including Friends of Hough End, applied for money under Section 106.  The outcome was a bird hide in the Lower Clough, paths and a trim trail being created, and outdoor exercise equipment was installed.

Friends of Hough End has maintained paths, planted hedges, and put in and maintained bird boxes.

1 thought on “History

  1. Elisabeth Buckley

    my Mum, who is 89 remembers being taken to air shows at Hough End when she lived in Withington. This was before she went to school


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